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Homegrown Sprouts

Homegrown Sprouts

Did you know that sprouts contain more phytonutrients per calorie than any other food?

No? Neither did I. That probably explains why I had a bag of sprouting seeds sitting in my kitchen cupboard for 2 years. Good place for them right?

As I found out, here are many nutritional benefits to sprouting, but that aside they taste delicious.  I visited which is Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds website. It’s full of information including how-to videos of how to sprout, and they have an on-line store.

I purchased the Sprout Master and a few packs of seeds to get me started. You can start sprouting using the mason jar method instead of buying something like the Sprout Master. Click here for more info on that process.


You can pretty much sprout any beans, lentils, or seeds. I started sprouting Alfalfa seeds, and a crunchy bean mix from Mumm’s. Both were super delish!

You start by soaking your seeds for 2-6 hours. Then rinse seeds and place in sprouter. Place the tray on the bottom. Cover. Rinse seeds twice per day. That’s pretty much it! Super easy.


This sprouter has a handy divider so you can sprout two separate types of seed.

Wait a few days until the sprouts develop. Taste them to see how far along you would like them to grow. I started mine on Saturday, and they were ready on Tuesday.


Your sprouts will keep for a while in your fridge, but keep them covered. I stored mine in a resealable container. If you don’t, they’ll dry out quickly.

Here’s what I made with my first sprout harvest:


Tuna salad with onions, yellow bell peppers, dill, crunchy bean mix sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and homemade mayo. They are a great addition to salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Stop buying sprouts in the grocery store!! Grow your own delicious fresh sprouts at home!

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