Looking for some workout help?

Looking for some workout help?

I am…and I wanted to share my new “finds”.

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I’m a mom of 2, in a family of 7, run two businesses, in school and I need to keep things simple. I’ve got a gym membership, but there are days when it’s just better schedule wise to work out at home. On those days, Lori Harder’s workouts are AMAZING.

Got APPS? 

Here are some apps my clients have recommended:

  1. SWORKIT (apple & android)
  2. 30 day Fitness Challenge Workout (android)
  3. KEELO
  4. Daily Ab Workout

If you try these, let me know what you think!

Need Music?

Personally, I use Apple Music to curate my playlists, but there are some awesome playlists out there.

fitnessmagazine.com has a great compilation of songs

Looking for a more scientific approach to your workout playlist? nbc.com has something for you.

What is your fave app/playlist or workout video?

Let me know!



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