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Kris Life & Style: Beautycounter

Kris Life & Style: Beautycounter

Safer skincare? Is there such a thing?

I seriously had given up looking. I love using skincare and cosmetics, and had accepted that cosmetics, along with my wine and gin were to be my lifelong vices. Ok I may have a few more than that, but another time, another blog post.

It’s not like I didn’t feel slightly hypocritical about this issue. I eat organic, cook “clean”, take whole food supplements, and yet what I’m covering my largest organ (my skin) in may be questionable.


Now to be clear, I don’t walk around in a cloud of perfume, wear make up 24/7, and use every lotion and potion under the sun. BUT, I was sure that there were better options to the products I did use. Unfortunately in my quest for healthier skin care and cosmetics, I wasted a lot of money; finding out that these products weren’t as clean as they said they were and definitely weren’t anywhere near as effective as your typical commercial products. I even tried making my own shampoo. Yes, it was an epic fail and I definitely don’t have the patience or time for that process.

Enter Beautycounter. Beautycounter is new to my native Canada, launching in March 2016. A friend of mine contacted me and invited me over to take a look at some of their products. She gave me a skincare set to use for the weekend, and I was sold. So the girl who doesn’t sign up for things did, and is so happy she did.

BC4For those that aren’t familiar with Beautycounter, this may be the only thing you need to know: The NEVER list.

The never list is a list of over 1,500 ingredients that you will never find in Beautycounter products. They have done the homework to make recognizing, understanding, and avoiding these ingredients easier for you. What are these ingredients? Hormone disruptors, carcinogens etc. Stuff you do not want to put on you or your children. It’s sad that the beauty industry is allowed to use harmful ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruption — without telling us.


My top 3 favourite Beautycounter products:





BC exfoliator


Beautycounter products work, they are of premium quality, and the company actually discloses what is in their products. Imagine that.

If you are interested in trying out these products click on this link:



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