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Kris Eats Out: Chosabi Winnipeg

Kris Eats Out: Chosabi Winnipeg

I have a special category reserved for my most favourite restaurants. It’s the “happy food” category. You know, the kind of food, once eaten just makes you smile and feel good. Not a lot of places make it into this category, but Chosabi in the Exchange district in Winnipeg did.


Chosabi is a casual Asian eatery in the heart of the exchange district in Winnipeg. It’s neighbour to King and Bannatyne Sandwich Shop, Bronuts and Peasant Cookery. It boasts a modern, yet friendly interior, which is family friendly. You can choose from a booth, individual or family style table, or a stool looking out onto busy King Street.


The menu is nothing short of amazing. From the Chosabi Burrito to the Poke Bowl, you will be satisfied and full. Fresh food, put together in a creative and very appealing way hits all of your senses. It’s a colourful, delicious and refreshing take on modern asian inspired cuisine. Personally, I really appreciate the brown rice option offered. I’m working my way through their menu, starting at the top with the Chosabi burrito, which I’ve had twice now. The Jumping Shrimp and California Sumo were just as delish. My friend had the Poke bowl which is making me want to work through this menu in a hurry.


Not only does Chosabi have a great food menu, they also have an equally delish beverage menu. Order the Green Tea Latte, and believe me it’s a REAL Green Tea Latte, you will love it just as much as the food. Coffee was yummy, and the Thai Iced Tea was out of this world. So refreshing on a hot day. They also have a cooler full of craft soda and yummy Kombucha. So nice to see some variety instead of only being offered just the typical Coke and or Pepsi line up.


Wasabi Sabi is near and dear to me (also so close to home!!) and this was a welcome casual alternative to one of my favourite spots. So often when dining out, the food may be spot on, but the service is lacking, or its not a tidy space. Chosabi nails it on all counts; Friendly staff, prompt service, fresh ingredients, delicious dishes.

Chosabi6The Poke Bowl


The California Sumo


Thai Iced Tea

Here’s everything you need to know…try it!!


A-100 King St.
Winnipeg, MB.

p: 204-615-8338


Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 8:00pm

12:00pm – 5:00pm

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