Design Your Life 2017

Design Your Life 2017

We’re now past the “New Year resolution” portion of the year. For many of us, life is busy. We “prioritize”, putting work, the kids, even cleaning our homes before things we should do for ourselves. Old habits die hard. Despite our best intentions, we slide back into the routines that we know. I get it. I do the same thing. Unfortunately this happens over and over again.

Despite this admission, I do believe that we can live a life of our own design. What do I mean by that? We can make our lives what we want them to be. Whether it’s losing weight, learning something new, or obtaining that degree. We have the power to create a life we love to live. I know that making life changes can be daunting. Don’t focus on that. One step at a time is all the action you need to take. After that first step, take another, move forward. Move forward in the direction of your goals. If you misstep, and get off track, thats ok. Keep going.

Our Design Your Life 2017 launch reflects our desire to create a life we love. We are building a community that is focused on positive changes, and growth. Join us as we learn to change our minds, bodies and lives.

March 15th is the turning over of a new leaf. Our program includes:

  • 16 week Isabody Challenge
  • Healthy Mind Training
  • Food/Nutrition Support & Ideas
  • Lifestyle

IsaBody-Logo-Color-blackIsabody Challenge

The Isabody Challenge is an amazing accountability program. It’s flexible enough to work with any individuals goals. Stay on track with me, yes I’m doing it too! Includes strength resistance and training ideas.




BrainHealthy Mind Training

Without training your mind, your physical changes are hard to make permanent. I can tell you how to get abs in 30 days or less, but without training your mind, learning how to train your physical body is only a small portion of making a lasting change. Affirmations, meditations, goal setting are all part of this area. Train your mind, train your body.


fruits and vegFood/Nutrition

Healthy recipes, and the Isagenix system are the basis of this area. Food is your fuel to maintaining your body. Fueling it with the best nutrition is important.




Do you take downtime? Vacation? What do you do for fun?



Why Share and Join Us? 

  • Accountability (for me too!)
  • Empowerment
  • Ideas
  • Call to action

This 16 week program is a period of growth, change & action. You may be like me, that for every reason that you have to do this, you will find 10 excuses not to. Don’t use your family as an excuse, make them your why. You deserve to be at your best, your family deserves you at your best. What is you at your best? Find out. Take action.

You are in control.

You can design your life.




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