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The Christmas Countdown: Adventskalendar

The Christmas Countdown: Adventskalendar

The Advent Calendar (Adventskalendar) counts down the four weeks leading up to Christmas Eve and is a wonderful childhood memory. Every day during the Advent season a new door or drawer on the Advent calendar is opened to reveal a surprise!

The Advent calendar tradition began with plain cards with paper backings and 24 “windows” that opened to reveal Christmas scenes. Today you can get original German advent calendars with religious motifs and advent calendars containing items such as toys like Playmobil or Lego. Some have wonderful chocolate treats and others may contain beer, wine or even gin. My personal favourite are the wood ones that can be used year after year and filled with treats you know your family will love.


You are never too old to experience the fun of opening the little doors of an advent calendar to discover the goodies that await you.

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